If Covid 19 hadn't come along, would the hospitality sector be at the same point?

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Published on 16 January 2023

Hospitality Operator Forum 2023

Beyond the performances that have been analysed on all possible aspects, the central questions remain. What would have happened to the products, services, management methods, etc.? Would the industry have changed so quickly? Come and discuss the many issues that we face at the Hospitality Operator Forum on Monday 12 June.

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How and in what conditions were you working at the end of 2019? With what tools and objectives? How did you recruit? We have spoken to a large number of you during 2022 and many of the findings converge. We will explore them together to anticipate the changes to come.

The business customer who arrives at 8pm and leaves the next day at 7am is beginning to be a thing of the past. So what can we offer to these new types of customers who use accommodation differently from the leisure clientele?

On the product side, should we consider as much product or experience as consumer communities? How do hospitality new businesses conceive their offers and what are the objectives of this new generation of entrepreneurs?

What is the meaning of luxury in 2023? Is it a tree house in an extremely well preserved natural area? Is it about peace and quiet or is it about convenience in the face of sometimes outdated decorum? Between heritage and innovation, luxury is reinventing itself and, as often happens, hospitality is in the front line.

To help you make concrete progress, the Hospitality Operator Forum will also be an opportunity to share concrete initiatives in terms of CSR for a better impact of the tourism activity on destinations.

It will also provide an overview of ideas that have been successful in recruiting and retaining the talent that is essential to the quality of the tourism supply.

In the weeks to come, you will discover the speakers who will be sharing their passion and vision, but also their doubts, at the Hospitality Operator Forum.

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