District Hive, the futur of tourism?

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Published on 16/09/21 - Updated on 17/03/22

District Hive

District Hive is the name of the capsule hotel (podtel), which is the first of many (Podtel Colony) to be built throughout the world. It is a completely self-contained module that offers a new way of thinking about tourism in terms of sustainability and efficiency. The opulent podtel, which can sleep up to four people, is controlled by artificial intelligence and operated through a smartphone.

District Hive is the world's first fully autonomous and transportable module that can be installed on any terrain without the need for building. This module, developed by the Spanish firm MOHO Arquitectos, takes a multidisciplinary approach to tourism that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible. It respects nature by gaining access to it while leaving no trace. Because no local resources are used, there is no environmental effect on the region. The site would be left in the same condition as it was before it was removed.

This eco-hotel can produce its own water from the air, solar energy, and enough energy to run it for four days without sunshine. It also manages its own wastewater by converting garbage into ash, and the gray water is filtered through two filtering processes so that the water serves as irrigation water. The module's complete self-sufficiency eliminates the need for common and complementary services, optimizing resources and ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.

The tourism of the future relies on Artificial Intelligence

The podtel's development requires automation and the application of new technology. All of the devices are controlled by a mobile application, which also offers information on remaining energy, solar production, temperature, water quality, and water production... It also regulates the opening of doors, the interior odor, lighting, music, and television, the purchase of food and drink on demand, or the temperature, among other thingst. Everything from this application, called "DISTRICTHIVE".

"Hivemind," an Artificial Intelligence, is in charge of the capsule. It features its own motherboard and integrated system for monitoring all systems and energy consumption. It's simple to use and will assist visitors during their stay in ensuring a high-tech and connected experience while resting and taking in the magnificent scenery in seclusion.

A versatile design-driven construction

The podtel is a completely industrialized structure that is delivered finished, transported to the job site, and set up in a matter of hours. It has no foundation, does not contact the ground it sits on, and does not require any plumbing, ducting, or sewerage. Six legs lay on the ground in the designed support system.

The structure is a 35m2 tiny module with multiple spaces: a bathroom, a kitchen-living-dining area, a bedroom (with a double bed and two single beds hidden), multi-functional modular cabinets and shelving, and a small but essential installation room with all of the technical equipment. The podtel also includes an open patio where you can see the stars.

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