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Alipay, shopping, mobile payment... How do Chinese tourists consume?

During the first half of 2018, the number of Chinese tourists abroad reached 71.31 million people. How to welcome this rapidly growing clientele? How do they consume? And what means of payment do they use?

Launched in 2004 by Alibaba Group, the Alipay payment solution posts record figures in China and... in Europe. According to Xinhua, it had 520 million users worldwide in 2017 and strong growth among its Chinese consumers who increasingly use cashless payment methods. On the Old Continent, the number of Alipay transactions multiplied this summer by 18 in Switzerland, 39 in Luxembourg and 50 in Russia compared to the previous summer.

Indeed, the frequency of use of alternative payment methods by Chinese tourists abroad now gives high importance to cashless means of payment (70%), with bank cards being used at 42% and mobile payments at 28%. A fairly high figure for the latter compared to the rest of the world which uses its mobile phone just 5% of the time to pay for purchases.



Unlike non-Chinese tourists, tourists from the Middle Empire consume more in shopping (25% of their spending) than in accommodation (19% of their spending). A tendency that should be taken into account when designing a hotel intended for this clientele which seeks to minimize spending on lodging costs while being close to the shops.



With Chinese mobile payment solutions reporting record figures this summer in Europe, equipping your business to receive these means of payment is becoming a priority for welcoming Chinese customers, which are growing rapidly. Thus in France the average Chinese tourist spent 11,386 yuan (1,441 euros) with Alipay. This figure is growing worldwide: Alipay's average spending per user abroad jumped 43% from 2,073 yuan to 2,955 yuan (374 euros).


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