Saudi Arabia: AlUla launches its first global tourism campaign

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Published on 06/03/24 - Updated on 06/03/24


On 29 February 2024, AlUla launched its first-ever international campaign, called Infinite Renaissance Earth. Designed for 9 different markets and deployed in 6 languages, the Terre de Renaissance Infinie campaign was unveiled at events in six major international cities, including Paris.

As Saudi Arabia continues to prosper, with ambitions to transition to a tourism-led economy, this campaign aims to promote AlUla, a leading emerging destination that is already attracting visitors from around the world. In addition to its rich history and landscapes, AlUla stands out for its commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism practices. With the authorities prioritising quality experiences over mass tourism, the city is poised for steady growth while preserving its heritage for future generations. 

Land of Infinite Renaissance illustrates AlUla's vision as a destination in constant evolution, offering travellers an authentic and meaningful experience. Centred on the concepts of renewal and transformation, the campaign reflects AlUla's commitment to sustainable development and the preservation of its natural and cultural heritage.

The 2.5-minute film, directed by Bruno Aveillan, brings a cinematic dimension to the destination, highlighting its key attractions such as history, culture, nature and adventure. To complement this, a series of short videos presents AlUla's emblematic sites and the unique experiences it offers.

At the same time, AlUla is embarking on a digital transformation with the creation of a new website, a mobile application and a redesigned social media strategy. This omnichannel approach aims to deliver an optimal customer experience, both online and on-site.

"Thanks to this campaign, we can open up even more dialogue on the international stage and communicate the full depth of AlUla's beauty, assets and ambition. The best is yet to come, and we extend an invitation to everyone to be part of this extraordinary journey." - Phillip Jones, Director of Tourism, Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU)

"Land of Infinite Renaissance not only aims to raise global awareness of a destination that, until recently, was relatively unknown to most travellers, but also to raise awareness of the breadth and depth of projects and initiatives designed to create a better future for all those who live, work and visit our ancient oasis.
We hope the film and visuals will do justice to a truly unique destination, capturing the essence of AlUla through its rich heritage, vibrant arts and culture, breathtaking natural beauty, thrilling adventures and wellness experiences. We hope this campaign will not only resonate with travellers, but also support and engage our tourism partners, who play a vital role in delivering unrivalled experiences in an evolving tourism landscape." - Melanie de Souza, Executive Director Marketing, RCU

"Every corner of AlUla is a source of inspiration, and this energy is captured vividly in the 'Land of Infinite Renaissance' campaign film. It's infused with the creativity and passion that drives AlUla and its people, reflecting a legacy passed down from generation to generation. This legacy promises to flourish in the next chapters of AlUla's history. Making this film has been an enriching experience, not only because it has allowed me to discover some of the world's most breathtaking sites and monuments, but also because it has offered me a vast canvas to explore the depths of my own creativity - a precious and eternal gift that AlUla offers to all who walk its ancient sands and experience the sheltered embrace of its oasis." - Bruno Aveillan, director of the Terre de Renaissance Infinie campaign

The city has set itself ambitious targets, aiming to welcome 292,000 visitors by 2024, with a long-term goal of 1.2 million visitors by 2030, according to Rami Al-Moallim, Vice President of the Destination Management and Marketing Office of the Royal Commission for AlUla. This growth trajectory underlines AlUla's growing importance on the global tourism scene.

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