Start-ups gain ground in the hospitality industry

In their international growth, startups have not forgotten the hotel industry. Their offer is now so rich that they draw the attention of hotel professionals, including both independents and groups, to such an extent that today group are trying to take over the technology they are developing.

  • Read an overview of the favorable context in which tourism and hospitality startups are developing, including general data about sectors that are the targets of these young, innovative businesses, whether they are characteristic of the industry or not, and about hoteliers' points of view regarding the innovative solutions they offer.
  • The different offers available today from startups to assist hoteliers in their daily work, including their digital strategy, e-distribution, concierge services, their Wifi offer, equipment at their property, customer relations, managing operations and human resources.
  • Finally, the dossier also touches upon the future of startups and questions their future, particularly in light of massive takeovers of startups last year. Discover a synthesis of who bought whom and considerations regarding the opportunities on the market that are soon to be available to these innovative companies.
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