European Hotel Activity Review 2016

The global restructuring of hotel groups is underway and naturally has consequences throughout Europe. Chains continue to grow, while they consolidate their supply.

Bilan 2016 de l'hôtellerie en Europe

The figures published in this survey come from the MKG database, the number-one supply database worldwide and the largest performance database worldwide, outside the United States.

Supply figures in this report have been obtained from groups’ key executives, from the MKG database or are issued from official sources of the chains concerned (chains’ documents & websites, SEC fillings…)

The MKG Hospitality performance database (OR, ADR, RevPAR) is updated daily & monthly. It includes more than 9,000 hotels (1,300,000 rooms) worldwide. More than 200 hotel chain or hotel property groups of all nationalities are present in this database, which covers nearly 140 countries and 800 markets. It is especially strong in the EMEA region, and is significant in all countries and cities presented in our reports and articles.

Methodology: The supply database at MKG HotelCompset included several groups in the «Chain Hotel» category that were previously allocated to consortia; for example the Société Européenne d’Hôtellerie (SEH) -and its brands Qualys-Hôtel, Inter-Hôtel, Petit-Déj-Hôtel and Relais du Silence- due to its status as a cooperative with exclusive membership (like Best Western) and since the group is now developing hotel projects through its subsidiaries. The variations specific to corporate chains and consortia and independents are calculated according to the «pro-forma» supply in 2016 and 2015; changes thus correspond to the actual growth of each category.

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Development: French hotel chains move ahead

After a moderate year in terms of creating branded hotel supply, the rate of development of hotel chains in France regained speed in 2015 within a more favorable context. While the primary hotel...


Group mergers transform Europe’s hotel landscape

The global restructuring of hotel groups is underway and naturally has consequences throughout Europe. Two groups are strengthening their positions, others are preparing to take action because the...


2015 in Europe: hotel KPIs continue to grow, driven by southern countries and CEECs

The positive trend observed at Europe's hotels in 2014 continued throughout last year, posting 4.8% growth in its Revenue per available room (RevPAR). Once again, countries in the south of the...


Hotel consortia: France’s inventory grows slightly

After several years trimming their inventory on the French market, consortia confirm the slight rebound in their supply that could be observed from 2014. In France, the significant general growth...


Hotel activity forecast for 2016 and 2017: Positive prospects, but uncertainties

The outlook for 2016 and 2017 is positive thanks to a generally improved economic context. Specific situations make it different from one country to the next as hotel supplies are restructured with...


The rebound of France's hotel supply confirmed in 2015

For the second consecutive year, the global hotel supply in France is up by +2.3%, with a growth rate similar to the previous year. After 6 years of shrinking, the rebound begun last year was thus...


Hotel performance in French regions: 2015, the events calendar sets the pace

French regions generally did well in 2015 in terms of hotel performance, galvanized by the organization of several events. The consequences of last year's terrorist attacks started to affect...


French Luxury Hotels and Palaces in 2015: diverging trends for activity

Although activity for the luxury and palace segment drove industry results throughout the territory in 2015, the market is very contrasted depending on ranges and spaces. Data published by MKG...


2015: French hoteliers mark a balance within contrasting circumstances

The events that hit France in 2015 gave way to contrasting situations for hoteliers in the country. While the Parisian industry suffered from the impact of the attacks, activity in the provinces...