De Vere is ready for a new look

The English hotel group will use a £100 million investment from Starwood Capital Group to renovate a number of properties.  

De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton De Vere Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton

The De Vere group will re-launch its brand following this £100 million investment from Starwood Capital, that had acquired De Vere in 2014. This investment is part of a £300 million larger investment destined to help the renovation of hotels owned by the 35 Principal Hotel Company in the United Kingdom. 

The properties designated by this investment are mostly De Vere's country estates, for a total of 22 resorts and almost 4,000 rooms. According to Laurie Nicol, COO (Chief Operating Officer) of De Vere, "The 100 million invested will allow for complete renovations of hotels, training for staff, personnel development, as well as new expressions for the brand." 

De Vere also seizes the opportunity of those investments to renew its food and beverages offer, as well as every facility offered by its resorts.