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Silver Economy: senior citizens have not yet said their last word

Despite all the attention being paid to the newer Y, Z and Millennial generations of all stripes, it is also important to not lose sight of the “baby-boomers” who continue to make up the core of hotel clientele. Sure, they are getting older; they have definitively joined the category of seniors, including the younger ones, but they are far from having lost buying power and their appetite for travel. On the contrary! However, just as the young generations are easily distinguished from one another, senior citizens are also far from fitting a mold. From the still active manager to the young retiree, from the “old” couple that no longer has family expenses to the group of perfectly fit seventy year olds… there is a whole series of well-identified sub-categories with very different means and desires. They are, nonetheless, all more or less influential actors of the “Silver Economy” which represents a particularly interesting market for the tourism industry.  

Silver Economie : les seniors n’ont pas dit leur dernier mot Silver Economie : les seniors n’ont pas dit leur dernier mot

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