Hospitality ON is a bilingual press website produced by Alcyon. The Hospitality ON website is the hub of the hotel industry. It was created to deliver even more information to its users. Hospitality ON articles come from press releases and from a selection of news articles from the hospitality world.

A specialized, multilingual editorial team creates unique and comprehensive content and provides in-depth analysis.

Hospitality ON offers a complete overview of current events. Each day, targeted information is available for free or with an access fee:

 1. Open Content

 Articles on the news of the sector, social and fiscal news

 Hotel press releases

 Interviews with key actors in the industry 

 Articles on training, news from suppliers in the sector

 Exclusive extracts from conferences and events organized by Hospitality ON

 2. Exclusive content 

 Press releases and analyses published by Hospitality ON

 Hotel statistics analyses from the HotelCompSet database

 European and worldwide reports on the hotel supply

 3. Paid Content

 Editorial archives of Hospitality ON Magazine,

 Market trends covering hotel results, focuses on destinations and markets

 Special reports, Monthly report, European and Worldwide Reports

 Sector studies by Hospitality ON

 Analysis of hotel statistics from the HotelCompSet database

In addition to providing the industry’s decision-makers with all the industry news, the Hospitality ON News website can help stimulate contacts, identify new partners or future collaborators, present products/ services, thanks to the business directory and classified ads.


The site is visited by hospitality industry representatives, investors, analysts and hotel suppliers and anyone interested in the hospitality world.



You will find: news, press releases, videos, hotel classification for hotels in France, Europe and worldwide. The home page allows you to discover the range of services and products offered by Hospitality ON: market trends, special reports, interviews, events, classifieds, directory.


News includes:

Published weekly, the Hospitality ON editorial reflects the position of the website on topical themes expressed by Georges Panayotis, Publishing Director of Hospitality ON. It also highlights key issues at hand.

This section contains all press releases and analyses produced by Hospitality ON. They are fed by the analysis of data collected by our statistics observation experts.

All the daily news in the hotel industry: development, marketing, finance, human resources, sustainable development… all subjects are treated non-stop to provide attentive monitoring of the evolution of the sector.

Brings together all the nominations of the hotel industry, arrivals and promotions.


All the news on the different hospitality training programs through management schools, universities and permanent training centers

Organized by theme and description all the news and innovations of hotel industry suppliers.


Market trends include monthly hotel performance, as well as focuses on destinations and markets  published in HOSPITALITY ON Magazine.

A real barometer for the industry, this section outlines the detailed figures of the monthly hospitality data

A comprehensive market study on important French, European or worldwide cities, highlighting past performances, local strategies of public authorities and private actors, and ongoing developments.

An analytical and prospective view of the various segments of the hospitality market, by activity and developing geographic market, especially concerning emerging countries.


Thematic reports of the month including hotel rankings and various reports on the hospitality industry.

All the exclusive reports related to the hospitality industry.

Each report consists of several complementary reports centering on a main theme, linked operations, development, marketing, distribution, training, social responsibility, technology to the hospitality industry.


The different hospitality classifications: ranking of French, European and International groups; ranking of the French, European and International brands by number of hotels and accommodation capacity.


This section includes interviews with key figures in the hospitality industry who explain their group's or chain's strategies.


This section includes videos and radio interviews of key hotel industry representatives.


Highlights different hospitality suppliers on the website with the publication of their company profile and innovations. Arranged by category.


All the classified ads concerning available jobs and internships, commercial opportunities and calls to tender. A unique opportunity to find everything you are looking for.



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2. What are the advantages of registering to the site? Is my registration free? What does it give me access to?

Registration is completely free and secure. It allows you to view the free content site.

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If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter, go into your user account, in the "My newsletters" area and uncheck the newsletter you wish to stop receiving. You can also send an email to this address: webmedia(@)hospitality-on.com

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Is my personal information confidential?  ? 
Hospitality ON respects the privacy of Internet users and complies strictly with applicable laws on protection of privacy and individual freedoms. Hospitality ON declared under statement no. 1501782 regarding automated data processing implemented for websites from the Commission Nationale  Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) under sections 15 and 16 of Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to personal data, files and freedom. 


1. How can I subscribe to HOSPITALITY ON Magazine (printed version)?

Please contact our sales department: websales(@)hospitality-on.com

2. What benefits does a subscription to the printed version of HOSPITALITY ON Magazine

give me?

By subscribing to HOSPITALITY ON Magazine, you will enjoy exclusive information covering the international hotel and tourism industries. HOSPITALITY ON Magazine is an excellent teaching aid for your team, school, training organizations. Study reports, ranking, audits, you will discover all industry analysis, trends, hotel development, marketing and operational management.

3. Can I subscribe to HOSPITALITY ON Magazine and view it online?

No, HOSPITALITY ON Magazine is only available in printed format. Hospitality ON site offers articles sold individually. You will find on the site most of the magazine’s content, including content up to 2005.

4. What are the conditions to qualify for a discount *?

Do you manage a school or training institution? You are leading a hotel or restaurant? Contact our sales department: websales(@)hospitality-on.com Our team will offer group discount rates, allowing you to make real savings.

*Please note that preferential rates are granted only in the case of bundled subscriptions.


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The articles are sold by unit, however, special offers are available. To obtain details on all rates and offers, please contact our sales department at the following address: websales(@)hospitality-on.com or by phone at: + 33 (0) 1 56 56 87 77

3. May I reproduce articles from Hospitality ON?  

No, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce an article from Hospitality ON either fully or even partially. Please contact: webmedia(@)hospitality-on.com 


How can I place a classified ad?  

To insert your job offers, internship offers, business opportunities and other ads, please write to us: webmedia(@)hospitality-on.com. Our team will check your ad as soon as your payment is made. It will be published within 4 working days after the payment. Sometimes a classified is refused due to incomplete content or for ethical reasons. Hospitality ON reserves the right to refuse the publication of a classified ad without having to justify itself. In this case, we will refund your money. 


1. How to publish an advertisement on the site?  

Please check the media kit and contact our sales department at the following address: websales(@)hospitality-on.com or telephone at +33 (0) 1 56 56 87 77

2. What are your rates for advertisements on the HOSPITALITY ON website?  

Please check the media kit and contact our sales department at the following address: websales(@)hospitality-on.com or telephone at +33 (0) 1 56 56 87 77

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Please check the media kit and contact our sales department at the following address: websales(@)hospitality-on.com or telephone at +33 (0) 1 56 56 87 77

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Please check the media kit and contact our sales department at the following address: websales(@)hospitality-on.com or telephone at +33 (0) 1 56 56 87 77


1. How to participate to your events?  

For more information about the "Worldwide Hospitality Awards", the "TourInvest Forumhttp://www.globallodgingforum.com/" and the "Global Lodging Forum", please see the "Events" section located in the navigation bar at the top of the page or contact us at +33 (0)1 56 56 87 87 – events(@)hospitality-on.com

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Please contact our sales department at the following address: webmedia(@)hospitality-on.com or by phone at: +33 (0)1 56 56 87 77

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If you want to promote your product or company you can :

  Publish an advertisement on the site Hospitality ON and / or HOSPITALITY ON Magazine..

 Create your company profile in the business directory.

 Order an Advertorial. 

 You can also become a partner of our events and receive visibility year round

For more information, please contact our sales department at the following address: websales(@)hospitality-on.com or by phone at: +33 (0) 1 56 56 87 77


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Online payment is completely secure. The online payment solution "Paypal" is the world leader in secure Internet transactions.

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See the General terms of sales section.


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The site is available in English and French. To change the language of the site, click on the language selection button located top right of the web page. One click is enough to change the language of the site.

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