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Georges Panayotis

11 April 2017

The Franchise always pays in the end

In just a few years our industry went from a phase of progressive adaptation of economic models to one of major disruptions that impose self-examination for all. This major change comes at a time when most of the European markets have been upset by economic, geopolitical and security crises. Since then, the morale of entrepreneurs has been low and development projects are struggling to find a...

03 April 2017

Is the hotel industry downsizing?

The world of hospitality is sinking its roots into a thousand-year-old history that is its strength, but it also hampers its transformation when it is unable to shake its habits to change dimensions. The last major "hospitality revolution" dates back to the arrival of chains and hotel brands that upset individual hotel operations with great operational rigor. For half a century, hotel groups have...

27 March 2017

The length of the chain and the weight of the ball

Something makes no sense in the kingdom of franchising. Relations between franchisees and franchisors are tense. While there are two ways to look at this: problems are swept under the carpet and any responsibility for shirked dialogue is refused, or else every question is taken on… even upsetting ones.

21 March 2017

One doesn't suffer the future... it is built

Contrary to other sectors, the world of hospitality need not fear disappearing into a black hole and despite the upsets it might traverse, it is growing and will continue to do so. To each his place in the sun.

21 March 2017

One doesn't suffer the future... it is built

Contrary to other sectors, the world of hospitality need not fear disappearing into a black hole and despite the upsets it might traverse, it is growing and will continue to do so. To each his place in the sun.

14 March 2017

Crystal clear!

There is no magical solution for success: audacity, tenacity, inventiveness are all present. The profession has understood the need to evolve to survive. If these elements provide the essential ingredients, the secret ingredient - the one that makes a good family dinner worthy of the best tables - is missing. The hotel industry may have found its secret ingredient: transparency, which becomes...

03 March 2017

Only the weak escape the battle

The digital transformation of corporations offers a clear opportunity to develop or relaunch activity by making up for an accumulated delay over the years. Nonetheless, it means not ignoring the reality of operations and ensuring added value is fairly shared among all the players.

06 February 2017

We are never better served than by ourselves

Communication is in a crisis in a state of crisis. I’m not the one saying it. A recent poll of French people showed increasing defiance towards communications in general and the media in particular. The depravity of our politicians has done nothing to improve the situation and the credibility of journalists drops a bit further each year. While Internet is becoming the leading source of...

30 January 2017

At night the stars shine

Hotels are, by nature, service providers that over the years have tended to limit their playing field out of concern for coherence or efficient management, but that was before…. before economic models could be overturned by new arrivals on the market, before customer demands began to change along with their behavior.

23 January 2017

When all’s unclear, a wolf lurks near…

The hotel industry has an original, yet restrictive, particularity of being a service provider as well as a sector where investment is vital to maintain constant, quality services. The container and the contents are integral to one another, the way the subtlety of a fragrance is indissociable from the elegance of the bottle that conveys its image.

16 January 2017

Spot the error!

Despite the accumulation of natural catastrophes, social movements, terrorist attacks and economic depression, tourists are still present in France. And we might almost admire them for all the challenges they must get through to reach the destination. While their numbers may be smaller, there are still plenty left to welcome under excellent conditions.

09 January 2017

Leaves may drop, but roots sink deep

Each New Year offers an opportunity to set new goals and bid others success in their enterprises. From a broader perspective, we may even wish the hotel industry overall the strength to get over its internal battles, and achieve corporate visions.

26 December 2016

Reviving passion in the hotel industry

The hospitality trade relies first and foremost on a passion shared throughout the industry from the top of the chain of responsibilities right down to the bottom. Based on service and human contact, it is not an industry that can develop through the generalization of algorithms, spread sheets and simple financial analyses.

16 December 2016

Without contradiction, there would be no change

Life would get pretty boring if there were no controversy. Our last editorial drew a bit of interest and sparked a number of reactions proving how urgent it is to dispassionately examine the concerns of many professionals in the sector without prejudice. For some time now –certainly since online agencies captured a good share of hospitality distribution, the question of branding keeps raising its...

07 December 2016

Cutting a Bald Man's Hair

Franchise contracts are based on a reciprocal commitment between the investor-operator and the brand. Since investment funds set their sights on the hotel industry, such contracts have run into serious pitfalls. More concerned about seeing share prices climb on the stock exchange, financial shareholders have driven corporate communication to the detriment of brand marketing, thereby weakening...

11 November 2016

They're all the same

Transparency and deontology are currently among the most popular words in public discourse, as if it were necessary once again to convince partners of these basic commitments. But how? Wasn't this true before? An opaque veil has been cast over somewhat shameful practices…

25 October 2016

Rule of law or law of the mightiest?

Globalization is largely viewed as an opportunity for Tourism in general because it facilitates international travel and for the hotel industry in particular, which has seen its customer base grow with each passing year. This would truly be an ideal world if this growing strength of exchanges did not go hand in hand with troublesome secondary effects.