Georges Panayotis' column
Georges Panayotis

12 July 2017

Time to take a stand!

A paradox has haunted our industry for generations: there is a dearth of young people interested in this sector that is one of the most promising in terms of the future. Operators must manage an abnormal rotation of personnel on a daily basis as well as a lack of enthusiasm for their jobs. While new concepts have entered a movement with the arrival of new players, behavioral changes, and pressure...

03 July 2017

Take it easy, we're in a hurry!

The inauguration of the new TGV to Bordeaux and Rennes is an opportunity to celebrate the technical achievements of the SNCF and the modernity of its commercial offer. As is often the case, it is hard to see the forest for the trees. Wonderment abounds in light of finally being able to work in the new trains while WiFi is inaccessible throughout most of the network. The few recently renovated and...

27 June 2017

Business will live on through experiences it will bring

Behavioral evolution raises the question of French specificity: the nature of business capital. With the globalization of accounting practices, which are strongly influenced by the Anglo Saxon world, French businesses resemble a small Gaulish village surrounded by the rest of the world. For now hoteliers are looking for the magic potion.

20 June 2017

Is a global breach of ethics underway?

In this era of scandals popping up one after the other in specialized media, it comes as a surprise that students passing the French baccalaureate this year did not have a moralistic subject for their philosophy exam. I have a suggestion for the Economics and Social Sciences Baccalaureate: "Are ethics and business compatible terms?" You have four hours!

12 June 2017

Clever is he who can guess who will be next to go

There's a trend underway in the hospitality world, and any reference to an evolution in the world of politics is not totally fortuitous. Like traditional training programs that are going the way of the dodo, some hotel groups that tend to rest on their laurels are also threatened with extinction.

07 June 2017

Tourism will not bury its head in the sand...

Like it or not, politics necessarily enter the world of tourism, and President Trump's recent decisions to limit access to the United States are another demonstration of this. But Tourism, as an economic sector, cannot possibly flourish without political implication at the highest level. In this regard, French professionals are suspended in an uncertain void. There is no recent declaration, no...

16 May 2017

Creativity: when intelligence and fun converge...

Is it the job of all tourism enterprises to become a universal reservation portal? Must they become a single outlet where travelers may build their journey, from transportation to accommodations, from shopping to cultural activities, dinning to discovery? One may legitimately question this new strategy that opts for the quest for exhaustiveness to the detriment of the specificity of the trade.

02 May 2017

The pendulum is swinging the other way

In any love story there is that balancing point where each individual has the feeling of sharing a single plenitude, wherein there is no desire to take advantage of another's weakness. In life and business alike this quest for balance feeds discussions between partners; sometimes they are discreet, other times they are more tumultuous, as love stories are wont to be.

25 April 2017

Do more and more for yourself and even more for others!

As the future of our country takes shape, there are not so many opportunities to rebound towards a better horizon. If we look carefully, tourism is one of the economic activities that is best able to reconcile the aspirations of a majority of the population, the integration of profitable new economic models and respect for a large share of current concerns.

20 April 2017

Tradition, Training and Innovation, the golden triangle of the hotel industry

As in many other sectors, innovation in the hotel industry is receiving a lot of attention –perhaps too much– as if it were the only source of progress and new clientele. While adapting to changes, inventing new offers, and offering a new vision of things are indispensable acts in the life of corporations, they must not override the fact that in the service sector, in general, and hospitality in...

11 April 2017

The Franchise always pays in the end

In just a few years our industry went from a phase of progressive adaptation of economic models to one of major disruptions that impose self-examination for all. This major change comes at a time when most of the European markets have been upset by economic, geopolitical and security crises. Since then, the morale of entrepreneurs has been low and development projects are struggling to find a...

03 April 2017

Is the hotel industry downsizing?

The world of hospitality is sinking its roots into a thousand-year-old history that is its strength, but it also hampers its transformation when it is unable to shake its habits to change dimensions. The last major "hospitality revolution" dates back to the arrival of chains and hotel brands that upset individual hotel operations with great operational rigor. For half a century, hotel groups have...

27 March 2017

The length of the chain and the weight of the ball

Something makes no sense in the kingdom of franchising. Relations between franchisees and franchisors are tense. While there are two ways to look at this: problems are swept under the carpet and any responsibility for shirked dialogue is refused, or else every question is taken on… even upsetting ones.

21 March 2017

One doesn't suffer the future... it is built

Contrary to other sectors, the world of hospitality need not fear disappearing into a black hole and despite the upsets it might traverse, it is growing and will continue to do so. To each his place in the sun.

21 March 2017

One doesn't suffer the future... it is built

Contrary to other sectors, the world of hospitality need not fear disappearing into a black hole and despite the upsets it might traverse, it is growing and will continue to do so. To each his place in the sun.

14 March 2017

Crystal clear!

There is no magical solution for success: audacity, tenacity, inventiveness are all present. The profession has understood the need to evolve to survive. If these elements provide the essential ingredients, the secret ingredient - the one that makes a good family dinner worthy of the best tables - is missing. The hotel industry may have found its secret ingredient: transparency, which becomes...

03 March 2017

Only the weak escape the battle

The digital transformation of corporations offers a clear opportunity to develop or relaunch activity by making up for an accumulated delay over the years. Nonetheless, it means not ignoring the reality of operations and ensuring added value is fairly shared among all the players.