19/06/2017 09h43

Open Homes, Community Tourism Program: AirBnB's charm offensive?

Increasingly condemned by local legislation and hotel operators, AirBnB multiplies the initiatives aimed at restoring its image. It recently launched a platform to help house refugees, as well as an...

16/06/2017 09h25

More and more hoteliers list their rooms on AirBnB

Hoteliers may widely denounce (and lobby against) sharing platforms' excesses, but some also take advantage of it and sell their rooms through AirBnB... This phenomenon affects all hotel profiles,...

12/06/2017 12h48

Artists: modern influencers of hospitality

Hoteliers who want non-conformity, originality and customization are increasingly working with artists, who are most likely to embody these values. A look at a few concepts that could shape the...

01/06/2017 17h23

These (ex-)athletes running after French hospitality

Team spirit, competition, a taste for prestige... Do you need to be an athlete to make a difference in French upscale hospitality? In any case, there are numerous examples of people taking off their...

26/05/2017 08h00

Who are the owners of France’s upscale & luxury hotels?

Hospitality ON has drawn up the first ever comprehensive overview of the owners of upscale & luxury French hotels: Who are they? Where do they come from, in terms of nationality and personal/family...

17/05/2017 10h21

"Tribe" brands: hotel chains that target communities

Hotel brands are increasingly offer unusual concepts, with a goal of offering their customers an original experience. In order to stand out, some of them go further and have bet on an offer addressed...

03/04/2017 11h29

2017: Underlying trends

The physiognomy of the hospitality industry is gradually transforming depending on the fundamental trends that are affecting corporate life, consumer behavior, investment trends, the appearance of...

20/01/2017 10h56

Trump Collection: What hotels for the 45th President of the United States and what impact?

As the 45th President of the United States is inaugurated today, Hospitality on takes a look at his hotel empire and the strategic perspectives it offers. From sky scrapers in Manhattan to Irish...

04/01/2017 08h41

2017: Hotel openings the world is waiting for [interactive map]

We invite you on a World Tour of a selection of major openings expected this year. A look at innovative hotel concepts, upscale addresses and exclusive boutique hotels.

05/12/2016 11h17

2016: New hotel openings in Lisbon [Interactive map]

Discover the hotel openings in Portugal's capital in 2016. This year, Lisbon gained a property operated under the Cristiano Ronaldo's boutique-hotel brand: Pestana CR7, as well as a property that is...

02/11/2016 10h30

Overview of hospitality schools around the world

To learn all there is to know about schools and their assets, the programs they offer, their admissions criteria, their costs… From Europe to Asia, Switzerland to Australia, the United States to the...

02/11/2016 09h50

Survey: Hospitality schools under the magnifying glass

To know all there is to know about schools and their assets, the programs they offer, their admissions criteria, their costs… From Europe to Asia, Switzerland to Australia, the United States to the...

28/10/2016 09h12

Studio 16 and its Capsules take EquipHotel back to the future

The hotel sector has been shaken up by several successive “revolutions” –digital, behavioral, architectural... – that have forced it to re-examine itself while perpetuating its spirit. Basing itself...

18/05/2016 15h04

Tangla Hotel Brussels, HNA group, a concept dedicated to Chinese clientele

The Chinese group HNA, which received a lot of press in the hotel world recently with the takeover of Carlson Rezidor and different equity stakes, opened its first hotel in Europe last month in the...

03/05/2016 16h44

Airbnb's fresh competitors: taking guests to the unexpected

The success of the famous platform and shared accommodations in general continues to be emulated, resulting in the development of particularly original niche concepts. Low-cost, dream or affinity...

28/04/2016 14h47

Exclusive: What is the makeup of HNA, the Chinese group that is buying Carlson Rezidor? [Infographic]

HNA just bought Carlson Rezidor, following capital investments in Red Lion HC, Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs and NH Hotel Group. Other investments or projects have also hit the headlines in recent...

19/04/2016 13h47

What is the future for startups?

Today innovation happens thanks to startups, even within important groups in the hotel and tourism industry. Developing a new technology, concept, service or product within a large structure takes a...

18/04/2016 10h52

Innovations “made in startupland”

Over the years, young companies with strong growth potential have developed a rich enough supply to become powerful partners for the tourism industry, and especially commercial accommodations. Today,...