18/10/2017 10h41

The hotel industry, driving economic transformation in China

As the 19th congress of the Chinese Communist Party gets underway, the latest development plan will be launched. Shifting towards a more consumer and service based economy, the hotel sector has given...

13/10/2017 16h18

Hotel supply in Australia following the acquisition of Mantra, by AccorHotels

The announcement, by AccorHotels, of the acquisition of Mantra Group could give rise to a hotel giant on the Australian continent. The group led by Sébastien Bazin could even, subject to the...

09/10/2017 13h59

Hong Kong, growth through supply

Tags : China

Globally renowned as a key financial hub, Hong Kong has managed to maintain good hospitality performances despite a dramatic drop in visitors from mainland China. A paradigm observed in certain...

04/10/2017 15h25

French hotel supply: Territories, who is winning and who is losing?

More than ten years after the beginning of the economic crisis, the French hotel supply has developed in a particularly heterogeneous manner from one territory to the next. Which departments lost...

04/10/2017 15h09

The Evolution of hotel supply, by department, since 2008

Hotel supply in France has seen great change over the last 10 years. Which departments are the winners and losers, in terms of hotel supply, during this period?

25/09/2017 13h16

What are Angela Merkel's achievements for the German hotel sector?

Although it remains tainted, CDU's victory during the latest German elections has rested on the chancellor's popularity, which in turn rests on her ability to always underscore her economic...

23/08/2017 18h08

In Maastricht, the success of tourism is no longer under debate

After strict management of "drug tourism" through its prohibition in 2010, Maastricht has little by little constructed a more stable touristic reputation. Thanks to more sustainable springboards, the...

18/08/2017 16h22

The first assessment of Summer 2017: with the capital in the lead, French hospitality sees the sun once again

The French hotel industry recorded good performance this summer, driven by the strong recovery of Paris and Ile-de-France - liberated from the security yoke of 2016 - and the good results of the...

17/08/2017 13h35

Ghent, Flemish art at its best

Lying at the confluence of the Scheldt and the Lys, the capital of East Flanders is enjoying hotel performances that have improved significantly in recent years. Despite security challenges that...

16/08/2017 11h01

In Guinea, the hotel industry gets back to business

Significantly weakened by political and sanitary crises in recent years, Guinea’s economy is currently experiencing renewed growth. While new reforms are underway, the accommodations supply is being...

03/08/2017 10h39

Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Survivors of the Mezzogiorno

The two leading sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in the region of Campania in Italy, are Naples’ historic center, listed since 1995, and the Amalfi Coast, added two years later. These...

07/07/2017 09h07

Hotel worldwide supply: global growth of hotel chains remains stable

With a net increase in hotel chain supply by +4%, figures are in line with those of international tourism. Brands are a powerful driver of hospitality renewal with an obvious shift towards new...

05/07/2017 13h10

Strong global growth driven by Africa and Asia

With 3.6% growth from January 1, 2016 to January 1, 2017 in the global hotel and residence supply, for both branded and unbranded properties, the rate is the strongest in 15 years. This growth pushes...

05/07/2017 10h16

Tour de France 2017: hospitality performs well in Düsseldorf

Cyclists competing in the 104th edition of the Tour de France have started pedaling. This year, the competition began in Düsseldorf, about 300 kilometers away from the French border. Despite the...

30/06/2017 08h00

Slowdown in performance growth against a backdrop of supply expansion

In 2016, the RevPAR of the global hotel industry is up 1.9%. Although this figure is down with respect to 2015 (+3.3%), these are nonetheless very favorable results: on the one hand because this is...

29/06/2017 13h56

Hotel groups seek a new distribution of the world

The race for critical size is at the top of the agenda more than ever. On the one hand, Western groups are reactivating organic and external growth through mergers and acquisitions. On the other,...

28/06/2017 12h49

Worldwide Hospitality Ranking: which changes in the leading 12 hotel groups?

Global leaders continue to grow, but at varied paces. Chinese actors are becoming increasingly powerful: in the global ranking, Huazhu overtakes Best Western. The analysis with the data.

28/06/2017 12h48

2017 Worldwide Hotel Market Report: what changes among global hospitality leaders?

Explore our in-depth analysis of the top 12 global hospitality leaders: what are the key drivers of their respective dynamics? Which brands are booming, and with what impact on groups' rankings?