01/02/2017 08h42

#11 Hotels performances in Europe in 2016 #LTDC

MKG Consulting presents "Let's take a coffee break together", several short analysis covering trends and performances regarding the hospitality sector. Today, Vanguélis Panayotis presents you hotels...

13/01/2017 11h25

American tourists in France gained 20% in buying power

In 2 years (2014-2016), the evolution of hotel prices in France the euro-dollar exchange rate have radically changed things in terms of competitive pricing of the destination France. A look at more...

03/01/2017 17h11

Overview 2016 of French hotel industry: €900 million in lost earnings, Paris and Nice suffer

Analysis of monthly evolutions, key figures: discover the first overview of fiscal year 2016 for the French hotel industry. Unsurprisingly, this year was difficult in France; business results were...

20/12/2016 09h55

Montenegro draws investors’ attention

The little principality in the Balkans has made a remarkable foray into the club of popular destinations. An independent Republic since 2006, it emerges from ex-Yugoslavia and its association with...

23/11/2016 13h23

Atout France at the TourInvest Forum 2016: Brands and investsments to accelerate internationalization

At this years edition of TourInvest Forum, representatives from Atout France, Christian Mantei, CEO, and Philippe Maud'hui, Director of Engineering and Development, referred to current trends in...

29/11/2016 17h44

TourInvest Forum 2016: have tourist accommodations already begun to reinvent themselves?

In order to resolve this problem that is more topical than ever, the first Master Class at TourInvest Forum 2016 brought together directors and managers of repositioned old concepts and recently...

22/11/2016 12h05

TourInvest Forum 2016: how to invest in the context of a market undergoing restructuring?

For TourInvest Forum 2016, Vanguelis Panayotis, President of MKG Consulting, presented an overview of hotel investment. New arrivals, diversification of expectations, internationalization of the...

27/10/2016 08h56

With Donostia 2016, San Sebastian rides the crest of the wave of new investments

The large provincial city in Spain’s autonomous community of the Basque Country is a cultural hot spot in 2016. Elected with Wroclaw, Poland, to be European Capital of Culture, San Sebastian is...

20/10/2016 18h39

SIAL 2016: clients are there, but hotels in the Paris region are not satisfied

A go-to event for the agro-food sector, the international food innovation exhibition (SIAL) was held this year from October 16 to 20, 2016. On this occasion, hotels in the Paris region could...

07/10/2016 09h04

Cuban tourism: when détente brings a new revolution

It would be hard not to notice the leading role played by Cuba in the news following Barack Obama’s historic announcement setting the stage for lifting the embargo on Cuba. On December 17, 2014, the...

22/09/2016 11h56

#01 How do size & brand affect a hotel’s e-Reputation? #SIL

Many things are said about online reviews. In this video, we have focused our analysis on city hotels, keeping in mind the following 2 questions: Does hotel size influence reviews? Do branded hotels...

25/08/2016 11h45

The evolution of the VAT for Europe's hotel industry across 10 years

Tags : Europe Taxation

What changes has the VAT undergone in the hotel industry? With business results increasingly divergent from one country to the next in Europe and "Brexit" perhaps a harbinger to any hiding of...

24/08/2016 16h50

Summer 2016: A first assessment of France's hotel industry

While summer 2016 logically presented a downturn for the hotel industry in the Paris region and on the French Riviera due to security concerns, other seaboard areas, the provinces and certain new...

16/08/2016 15h27

Utrecht, a favorable climate for investors

Located near the country’s geographic center, Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands in terms of population. Its economy is driven by academics mostly due to its world-class...

04/07/2016 16h42

2016 Worldwide Hospitality Report - Top 14: Largest Hotel Groups

The M&A operations of the past few months have brought significant change in worldwide hotel rankings. Discover the change in supply of the leading international hotel groups as of January 2016,...

18/07/2016 17h12

Another hard blow for French tourism after deadly attack on the French Riviera

Emotions are still running high on Nice’s iconic Promenade des Anglais after the minute’s silence that brought dozens of thousands together on Monday. Families, friends and fellow citizens gathered...

07/07/2016 17h42

Worldwide hotel industry: New growth in hotel results despite the Asian slowdown

The global hotel industry is pleased to observe a sixth consecutive year of growth following the economic and financial crisis of 2008-2009, with a new increase in the RevPAR, which had been...

06/07/2016 14h32

Financial ranking of groups: Muscle-flexing among hotel & digital travel industry leaders

At a time when the barriers between the hotel industry and commercial accommodations have come down, and hotel champions are being overthrown by new digital players that meet consumer needs, other...