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24/08/2017 09h18

July 2017: a bright day for Europe's hotels

After a month of June marked by steady growth in European hotel performances, the beginning of the peak season is synonymous with overall dynamism for the industry. While Europe's leading summer...

16/08/2017 11h01

In Guinea, the hotel industry gets back to business

Significantly weakened by political and sanitary crises in recent years, Guinea’s economy is currently experiencing renewed growth. While new reforms are underway, the accommodations supply is being...

04/08/2017 09h53

Responsible hospitality, sustainable profitability?

Today, sustainable development is an integral part of corporate strategy in the hotel sector throughout all stages of development. From the construction of buildings to the property management, and...

02/08/2017 10h57

Silver Economy: senior citizens have not yet said their last word

Tags : Tourism

Despite all the attention being paid to the newer Y, Z and Millennial generations of all stripes, it is also important to not lose sight of the “baby-boomers” who continue to make up the core of...

24/07/2017 15h51

June 2017: the gap widens between European hoteliers

Following a strong growth trend in May, European hoteliers record lower performances in June 2017. However, this month's figures feature wide gaps with some countries experiencing drops - such as...

07/07/2017 09h07

Hotel worldwide supply: global growth of hotel chains remains stable

With a net increase in hotel chain supply by +4%, figures are in line with those of international tourism. Brands are a powerful driver of hospitality renewal with an obvious shift towards new...

05/07/2017 13h10

Strong global growth driven by Africa and Asia

With 3.6% growth from January 1, 2016 to January 1, 2017 in the global hotel and residence supply, for both branded and unbranded properties, the rate is the strongest in 15 years. This growth pushes...

30/06/2017 08h00

Slowdown in performance growth against a backdrop of supply expansion

In 2016, the RevPAR of the global hotel industry is up 1.9%. Although this figure is down with respect to 2015 (+3.3%), these are nonetheless very favorable results: on the one hand because this is...

29/06/2017 13h56

Hotel groups seek a new distribution of the world

The race for critical size is at the top of the agenda more than ever. On the one hand, Western groups are reactivating organic and external growth through mergers and acquisitions. On the other,...

29/06/2017 07h00

After going “asset light”, are hotel champions bound to disengage from employment?

The financial valuation of the main hotel groups worldwide has evolved positively over the last few months, but the rise of digital players in tourism has been even faster. In addition to their...

28/06/2017 12h48

2017 Worldwide Hotel Market Report: what changes among global hospitality leaders?

Explore our in-depth analysis of the top 12 global hospitality leaders: what are the key drivers of their respective dynamics? Which brands are booming, and with what impact on groups' rankings?

22/06/2017 12h22

May 2017: Europe's hotel industry re-accelerates

After a month of April with more measured growth, European hoteliers are regaining their dynamism, especially Belgium, the Iberian peninsula and Eastern Europe. France is nonetheless one of the rare...

26/05/2017 08h00

Who are the owners of France’s upscale & luxury hotels?

Hospitality ON has drawn up the first ever comprehensive overview of the owners of upscale & luxury French hotels: Who are they? Where do they come from, in terms of nationality and personal/family...

23/05/2017 10h06

April 2017: European hospitality has the wind in its sails

Despite slower growth than the previous month, European hospitality figures are still pretty good, with 4% growth in the RevPAR. The only drawbacks in this favorable trend: calendar effects likely to...

17/05/2017 10h21

"Tribe" brands: hotel chains that target communities

Hotel brands are increasingly offer unusual concepts, with a goal of offering their customers an original experience. In order to stand out, some of them go further and have bet on an offer addressed...

12/05/2017 08h58

Europe: do market trends forecast a major rebalancing?

At the 21st edition of the Global Lodging Forum held last April 10 and 11, Vanguelis Panayotis, President MKG Consulting, presented hotel market trends worldwide and the evolution of results in...

03/05/2017 08h18

GLF: after the terrorist attacks, in what ways can the international hotel industry react?

During the Global Lodging Forum, five hotel industry professionals have mentioned the impact of terrorist attacks on their business. From German, Belgian, French and Turkish markets hoteliers share...

02/05/2017 10h30

GLF: The Presidents' Strategic Forum

At the 17th edition of the Global Lodging Forum, five presidents and CEOs from major hotel groups shared their points of view regarding current changes on the sector and the challenges that lie...