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08/07/2016 08h28

2016: Worldwide Hospitality Report

While hospitality news remains highly influenced by the activism of Chinese groups, developers are also starting to look towards Latin America and the Caribbean. The hotel supply remained relatively...

11/04/2016 11h10

Start-ups gain ground in the hospitality industry

In their international growth, startups have not forgotten the hotel industry. Their offer is now so rich that they draw the attention of hotel professionals, including both independents and groups,...

11/03/2016 13h59

Alternative products are multiplying

Co-branded hotels, multi-use developments, hybrid accommodations concepts, every means is good for seducing a broader clientele and guaranting a hotel’s yearround occupancy. Moreover, services are...

08/03/2016 15h49

Development : sustainable architecture

Technological and scientific progress, the implementation of new regulations and standards, and the constant effort to optimize costs are all factors that directly impact the construction sector....

24/02/2016 15h49

Behind the scenes of shared accommodations

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Derived from the sharing economy, shared accommodations have found their place in the tourism industry, and are now considered as key market players. While the notion of sharing remains at the core...

23/02/2016 13h21

European Hotel Activity Review 2016

The global restructuring of hotel groups is underway and naturally has consequences throughout Europe. Chains continue to grow, while they consolidate their supply.

06/10/2015 11h39

Job leads, diplomas, training: the keys to success at a hotel management school!

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While the hotel industry has always taken inspiration from other trades and evolutions connected to the business world in general to train future managers, some Bachelor and Master programs are...

09/04/2015 11h07

Innovations throughout the hotel

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To make the customer experience evolve alongside new consumer behavior and make the hotel product increasingly performant, innovations are happening throughout properties, affecting communications,...