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13/10/2017 16h18

Hotel supply in Australia following the acquisition of Mantra, by AccorHotels

The announcement, by AccorHotels, of the acquisition of Mantra Group could give rise to a hotel giant on the Australian continent. The group led by Sébastien Bazin could even, subject to the...

06/10/2017 14h44

"Hospitality is an interesting, sexy business!" Stephen McCall, IHG

IHG has had a very busy year, with the creation of a new brand and the extension of its portfolio. Stephen McCall, Chief Operating Officer for Europe, answers Hospitality ON’s questions about the...

22/09/2017 13h57

Around the World in 16 lifestyle hotels

Among the many changes affecting the hotel industry, the growth of lifestyle brands is undoubtedly one of the strongest developing of the sector. Here is a world tour highlighting some of these...

02/10/2017 12h40

Hospitality results: Barcelona reigns supreme in Spain

The Catalan capital, despite several recent traumatic events, saw its hotel performances hold steady. Year-to-date double-digit growth until August 2017 is excellent... and on the hotel sector it...

25/09/2017 13h16

What are Angela Merkel's achievements for the German hotel sector?

Although it remains tainted, CDU's victory during the latest German elections has rested on the chancellor's popularity, which in turn rests on her ability to always underscore her economic...

20/09/2017 10h39

What does and doesn't a chatbot offer hoteliers ?

Tags : Innovation

Described every year since 2015 as a major innovation, chatbots remain, despite a gradual take-off, largely unusual and unknown tools. These artificial intelligence interfaces, already in use in many...

18/08/2017 16h22

The first assessment of Summer 2017: with the capital in the lead, French hospitality sees the sun once again

The French hotel industry recorded good performance this summer, driven by the strong recovery of Paris and Ile-de-France - liberated from the security yoke of 2016 - and the good results of the...

18/08/2017 14h23

Airbnb: towards professionalization

While in its early years, the private rental platform offered a casual and innovative formula involving meeting the hosts and being transported into a foreign yet familiar environment, its latest...

17/08/2017 13h35

Ghent, Flemish art at its best

Lying at the confluence of the Scheldt and the Lys, the capital of East Flanders is enjoying hotel performances that have improved significantly in recent years. Despite security challenges that...

17/07/2017 11h41

Micro-hospitality: does size always matter?

When it comes to size, today, modern hospitality faces two extreme trends: either over-extending with large facilities featuring pools, restaurants and luxurious amenities, or paring down to the...

05/07/2017 10h16

Tour de France 2017: hospitality performs well in Düsseldorf

Cyclists competing in the 104th edition of the Tour de France have started pedaling. This year, the competition began in Düsseldorf, about 300 kilometers away from the French border. Despite the...

28/06/2017 12h49

Worldwide Hospitality Ranking: which changes in the leading 12 hotel groups?

Global leaders continue to grow, but at varied paces. Chinese actors are becoming increasingly powerful: in the global ranking, Huazhu overtakes Best Western. The analysis with the data.

23/06/2017 11h30

Paris Air Show 2017: Parisian hospitality reaches for the sky

The 52nd edition of the Paris Air Show was held at Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Center from June 19th to 25th. Its latest edition, in 2015, had reached record attendance and average daily rates;...

19/06/2017 09h43

Open Homes, Community Tourism Program: AirBnB's charm offensive?

Increasingly condemned by local legislation and hotel operators, AirBnB multiplies the initiatives aimed at restoring its image. It recently launched a platform to help house refugees, as well as an...

08/06/2017 13h12

Olivier Jacquin, Mangalis Hotel Group: "The Modernity that Africa needs"

Created 2012, the Mangalis Hotel Group has so far expanded three brands in numerous African countries, and its development won't stop there. Its CEO, Olivier Jacquin, has answered Hospitality ON's...

12/06/2017 12h48

Artists: modern influencers of hospitality

Hoteliers who want non-conformity, originality and customization are increasingly working with artists, who are most likely to embody these values. A look at a few concepts that could shape the...

09/06/2017 19h24

Olympics in Paris: will the expected tourism benefits really be met?

Tags : Paris Tourism

The decision for the double-billing for the Olympics & Paralympics in 2024 and 2028 means that Paris is very likely to host the Olympic flame in the next edition of the event. This should rally the...

07/06/2017 10h57

Brexit, terrorist attacks, elections ? British hospitality remains unshaken

With the latest general election, repeated terrorist attacks and the Brexit issue, the United Kingdom's political and economic context may seem quite unfavorable for tourism and the hospitality...