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18/01/2017 10h27

3.9% growth in international arrivals worldwide in 2016

Tags : Tourism

The UNWorld Tourism Organization Mondiale (UNWTO) published results of its annual barometer measuring international tourism demand worldwide in 2016. Compared with 2015, 46 millions more have...

13/01/2017 11h25

American tourists in France gained 20% in buying power

In 2 years (2014-2016), the evolution of hotel prices in France the euro-dollar exchange rate have radically changed things in terms of competitive pricing of the destination France. A look at more...

06/01/2017 09h16

The well has run dry on the hotel industry in the Middle East and North Africa in 2016

For hoteliers in the Middle East and North Africa, results for 2016 are particularly bleak: not only is the region still greatly marked by a context of political instability and insecurity that...

04/01/2017 08h41

2017: Hotel openings the world is waiting for [interactive map]

We invite you on a World Tour of a selection of major openings expected this year. A look at innovative hotel concepts, upscale addresses and exclusive boutique hotels.

03/01/2017 08h55

Dubai: a new mega-project in the works

On Monday January 2, Dubai's government presented a project to develop the biggest harbour in the Middle East.

22/12/2016 10h11

New York surpasses 60 million visitors this year

For the seventh year in a row, Big Apple posted a new increase in tourist arrivals in 2016. Close to 60.3 million visitors came to the city that never sleeps".

20/12/2016 09h55

Montenegro draws investors’ attention

The little principality in the Balkans has made a remarkable foray into the club of popular destinations. An independent Republic since 2006, it emerges from ex-Yugoslavia and its association with...

14/12/2016 09h37

Ireland beats its own tourist arrivals record

Tags : Ireland Tourism

In keeping with the excellent results observed last year, the Emerald Isle posted 11% growth in arrivals in the first ten months of 2016. The Republic of Ireland welcomed more visitors during this...

02/11/2016 08h52

Japan surpasses the benchmark for 20 million visitors

Tags : Japan Tourism

It took just 10 months for tourism in Japan to beat its record breaking benchmark of 2015. Authorities expect close to 24 million international arrivals across the year 2016.

27/10/2016 10h43

Chinese corporations ready to invest 11 billion dollars to develop tourism in the region of Lake Baikal

The signature of an agreement between the Russian tourism operator Grand Baikal and a consortium of Chinese investors represented by the group Chungjingxin could result in the biggest development...

25/10/2016 12h53

September 2016: European hotel markets volatile; results stable

Throughout Europe, the trend towards stability is increasing for hoteliers this month. Some countries continue to have good results marked by double-digit growth in their revenue per available room...

13/10/2016 14h10

Iceland and Scotland join forces for tourism development

Tags : Scotland Tourism

During the Arctic Circle Assembly, Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, announced the partnership between Visit Scotland and the Icelandic tourism board to mutually develop their tourism...

11/10/2016 10h19

British tourism: after Brexit, a record summer season

The UK has recorded its biggest-ever month for tourist visits, with 3.8 million international visitors in July. This dynamic is expected to continue in the upcoming months, especially due to the...

20/09/2016 13h59

August 2016: Europe between sunbath and sandbar

The summer season 2016 comes to an end with a month of August characterized by an increase in the difference between trends that range from one extreme to the next depending on the destination. The...

19/09/2016 15h01

August 2016: bleak outlook for French hoteliers

This August 2016 once again offers bleak results marked by a more generalized down trend. Unlike the previous months, no category was spared and the trend may be observed in the different regions as...

08/09/2016 11h29

The Turkish Shoreline – Three major tourism cities

With 97% of its territory located in Asia and 3% in Europe, Turkey is located at the crossroads between East and West and offers a diversified and rich cultural and natural heritage that remind us of...

01/09/2016 15h52

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport: zero carbon goal reached

The Nice Côte d’Azur Airport has become the first French airport to receive Level 3+ Carbon Accreditation and is the 25th airport accredited worldwide.

01/09/2016 09h38

London Tourism: the Tube joins the nightlife

London's "Night Tube", offering nonstop service on weekends, now operates on the three primary lines of the London metro, that serve some of the liveliest nocturnal destinations in the British...