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27/04/2017 09h53

Will reservations via virtual reality be next in tourism?

The company Navitaire, bought in 2016 by Amadeus is working to develop an offer making it possible to do research and make reservations in the tourism sector using a virtual reality system.

03/04/2017 11h29

2017: Underlying trends

The physiognomy of the hospitality industry is gradually transforming depending on the fundamental trends that are affecting corporate life, consumer behavior, investment trends, the appearance of...

20/04/2016 14h30

Tourism startups enjoy an economic environment favorable to their growth

The story began in the 1990s with the rise of new technologies and democratization of Internet access. Nowadays, what was baptized the “New Economy” corresponds to the boom of startups on...

18/04/2016 10h52

Innovations “made in startupland”

Over the years, young companies with strong growth potential have developed a rich enough supply to become powerful partners for the tourism industry, and especially commercial accommodations. Today,...

11/04/2016 16h45

Start-ups gain ground in the hospitality industry

In their international growth, startups have not forgotten the hotel industry. Their offer is now so rich that they draw the attention of hotel professionals, including both independents and groups,...

11/03/2016 11h38

Hilton is hiring robots

Connie, the robot concierge created by Hilton and IBM, has taken up her position at the Hilton McLean in Virginia.

14/12/2015 16h07

Connected bracelets, the new key to resorts

Tags : Technology

A symbol of all-inclusive packages, the traditional bracelet worn at resorts is also subject to the rise of new technologies. It is gradually becoming a central digital tool at properties, offering...

03/12/2015 16h25

iBeacon and NFC (CCP): which uses for the hotel industry?

Geographic location technologies are increasingly present in everyday life: mobile phones, tactile tablets, and other connected objects. The hotel sector is already rushing to benefit from their...

12/11/2015 10h09

RoomMate recognized for its capacity for digital innovation

Represented by its CEO Victor Fernandez, the Spanish hotel group received award fro Best Digital Innovation at the award ceremony for the Worldwide Hospitality Awards 2015.

04/11/2015 16h20

When hotels take themselves offline

Tags : Technology

With hotels striving to achieve an experience that is 100% connected, some properties are going against the flow and completely unplugging their supply. The idea is to offer a "digital detox" ...

02/11/2015 18h32

Tomorrow's suitcases are full of tricks

For business and and tourism travelers alike, managing suitcases remains one of the major inconveniences of long distance travel. It implies organizational constraints that are often fastidious, and...

28/10/2015 14h35

iBeacons find uses in the hotel industry

The new indoor positioning system, using Bluetooth technology, is gradually making the hotel experience evolve as international hotel groups adopt it. It is thus able to act on seven key areas for...

22/10/2015 16h57

WiFi in hotels: faster, stronger and soon even further

Tags : Technology

While efficient and free WiFi has practically become standard at international hotels, the sector's actors continue to improve their offer by making it more efficient and even mobile.

02/10/2015 13h12

Peeble, pocket Wifi at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile

The Hyatt Regency is the first French hotel to offer its clients a pocket Wifi hotspot, that allows very high speed mobile Internet connections.

15/09/2015 10h45

3D printing is now a reality in the hotel industry

3D printing is gradually entering the building sector, the Lewis Grand Hotel has adopted this procedure to realize a 135 square meter extension, including several rooms. It is the first hotel...

10/09/2015 09h30

Marriott launches a virtual reality service

The hotel group now offers VRoom Service, to allow its clients to order an in-room virtual reality experience.

09/09/2015 14h55

Uber-flirt: hotel groups are hooking up

Up against taxi businesses in several countries, Uber is being courted by some hotel groups that want to partner with the application that puts users in touch with drivers to benefit from the growth...

04/09/2015 10h49

Starwood Hotels activates e-keys

Announced last November, it is now possible to enter a hotel room using a smartphone or even an Apple Watch a hundred or so W, Aloft and Element hotels. This technology should be rapidly unfurled at...