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11/05/2017 10h46

Best Western acquires Sweden Hotels

Best Western Hotels & Resorts has just announced the acquisition of Sweden Hotels in an operation that allows the group to become the largest network of hotels in Sweden.

24/04/2017 08h54

AMF Fastigheter opens two new adresses in Stockholm

Swedish investor and real estate developer AMF Fastigheter has announced the opening of two hotels in the heart of the Swedish capital. These two new properties are part of the city center...

17/04/2014 11h20

The Swedish group Pandox sells a 14-hotel portfolio

The hotel group announced the sale of 14 properties to the operator Fastighets AB Balder, for close to 240 million euros.

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30/04/2013 10h39

Rezidor expands in Sweden

The Rezidor Group is expanding its network in Szeden with the Radisson Blu Riverside in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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05/09/2012 14h00

Clarion Hotel Makes Room for Art

“Room for Art” is the latest idea conceived by the Clarion Hotel Stockholm. The initiative, which has been in place since the 8th June of this year, enables guests to pay for their sojourn with art....

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04/01/2011 23h00

Europe: November 2010 supports the overall

After more or less quick reactions throughout Europe to the shift into a recovery felt since last Spring, the year 2010 is closing with an overall increase in occupancy rates and a strengthening of...

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02/12/2009 10h10

Europe : A little bright sky amongst the clouds

Although the drop in the RevPAR (-13.2%) last October proves to be less important than over the last 12 months (-15.8%), indicators for Europe's hotel industry are still in the red. The slight...

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02/11/2009 11h40

September in Europe, business is still disappointing

The European hotel industry is keep up with the pace of decreased performances, around -15% in RevPAR. The month of September, a good indication of the economic climate with its large majority of...

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05/10/2009 10h30

August: neither catastrophe, nor improvement

Reduced travel budgets weighed down Europe's hotel industry in the height of the summer season. Promotions played their role in stimulating clientele and August came to a close on a globally...

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19/05/2009 15h58

April: Arctic-blast outlook for Europe’s hotel industry

A dismal April for Europe’s hotels. Revenue per available room dropped by 23.8%, further to a simultaneous drop in occupancy (-9.4 pts) and average daily rates (-12.0%).

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02/04/2009 09h30

February: A tale of a forecasted catastrophe

Europe’s RevPAR dropped by – 16,9 % in February after the 17.0% fall in January. The upscale segment, particularly affected by the economic slump, is dragging Europe’s hotel industry downward.

Hotel Performance
02/03/2009 14h10

Europe's hotel industry sees red

Europe is experiencing a significant drop in its RevPAR (-17.0%). The economic recession is weighing down occupancy at properties (-6.4 pts) causing average daily rates to fall (-6.2%). The year 2009...

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07/01/2009 13h50

European Hotel Industry : a poor record in November

The revenue per room in Europe posts a record drop by 12.2 %. Occupancy is in a freefall ( - 7.9 pts) and average daily rates are also following this downtrend (-1.0%). Up- and midscale segments are...

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01/12/2008 14h32

European Hospitality: Black October

October has been a sad month for Europe’s hotel industry. The global revenue per available room posts a significant drop (-6.9%). No country went unscathed by this down trend. The upscale hotel...

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03/11/2008 10h55

Europe’s hotel industry faces difficulties to get back in business

Europe is feeling the impact of the worldwide economic slump. After a summer that was more vacant than hoped, hotels posted another drop in occupancy in the fall which ought to have been synonymous...

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07/10/2008 10h50

A cold shower in mid summer for europe’s hotel industry

Europe’s morale is at half mast. In August, its revenue per available room went into the red with a 2.8% drop. The occupancy rate of properties posts a clear 3.8-point drop, a phenomenon that is...

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02/09/2008 10h30

July: Europe’s hotel industry hits rock bottom

Certainly 2007 was an excellent year, but July 2008 nonetheless leaves hoteliers worried. Occupancy rates were way down in all European countries. Fortunately, most of them were able to compensate...

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01/07/2008 15h30

European hotel industry in May: A cautious approach for the upscale segment

The month of May is generally very busy, with businessmen and tourists crossing each other’s paths in hotel reception areas. This is particularly true when the 1st of May is a twofold public holiday:...