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19/09/2017 08h47

Worldwide Hospitality Awards: The deadline for applications has been extended!

Worried you wouldn’t have enough time to put together the type of application your project deserves? Well, you are in luck! At the request of a large number of our candidates, the deadline for...

30/08/2017 09h29

A Chinese hospitality crowdfunding platform raises $29 million

Kaistart, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to hospitality and restaurant industries, has just raised $29 million to foster its development.

16/08/2017 13h51

Marriott announces the laureates of its incubation program

The pan-European incubation program TestBED 2017, organized by Marriott, provides start-ups with an opportunity to develop their innovative ideas within Marriott-branded properties. The hospitality...

17/07/2017 11h41

Micro-hospitality: does size always matter?

When it comes to size, today, modern hospitality faces two extreme trends: either over-extending with large facilities featuring pools, restaurants and luxurious amenities, or paring down to the...

10/07/2017 13h33

A luxury hotel with Earth-view: dream or reality?

Five MIT graduates, in partnership with the NASA, imagine the building of a space hotel.

07/07/2017 10h49

AccorHotels turns containers into hotels

Launched at the 24 Heures du Mans racing competition, AccorHotels' container-hotels offer themselves as a mobile and easy lodging solution.

29/06/2017 09h52

Cabin raises $3.3 million to launch its hotel on wheels

Cabin, a U.S. start-up which develops the project of a moving hotel, has just secured more than $3 million in seed financing.

19/06/2017 09h38

Hyperloop Hotel: a high-speed luxury room!

Hyperloop Hotel, a project imagined by an architecture student, is to enable people to travel across the U.S. without leaving their room, thanks to a high-speed network of hyperloop stations equipped...

13/06/2017 09h32

Launch of a new hotel crowdfunding project in Bordeaux (Lormont)

The real estate development company Redman has launched a crowdfunding operation in partnership with the Upstone platform for the development of a hotel in the city of Lormont, near Bordeaux.

06/06/2017 12h02

Hotel Fusion Suites Vung Tau: toboggans to move between floors!

The Fusion Suites Vung Tau Hotel, which is expected to open in 2019 in Vietnam, features many innovations...including toboggans that will act as lifts between floors.

05/06/2017 11h26

Encapsulated naps: New Concept at Dubai Airport

With its new "Sleep 'n Fly" concept, Dubai airport provides resting capsules for passengers wishing to spend the waiting hours between their flights in the arms of Morphée. A kind of micro-hotel?

23/05/2017 15h06

Tesla chargers: a standard for the future of hospitality?

The five-star boutique hotel Le Vallon de Valrugues has recently provided its eco-friendly guests with Tesla charging stations. A green initiative leading to the investigation into hoteliers'...

19/05/2017 11h51

The first underwater boutique hotel project opened up to investment

The US company Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has unveiled its action plans and called for strategic investment partnerships to finance its revolutionary underwater hotel project.

17/05/2017 10h21

"Tribe" brands: hotel chains that target communities

Hotel brands are increasingly offer unusual concepts, with a goal of offering their customers an original experience. In order to stand out, some of them go further and have bet on an offer addressed...

11/05/2017 14h08

Slo Living Hostels and 1 Hotels arrive in Paris

The Slo Living Hostel and 1 Hotels brands will soon arrive in Paris as part of the "Aurore" project dedicated to enhancing tourism appeal in the 13th district of the capital.

03/05/2017 09h12

Facial recognition check to be in airports soon?

The Finnish airline Finnair and the Helsinki airport are currently doing tests to implement facial recognition control of passengers at check-in. The objective: to accelerate the control process and...

27/04/2017 14h39

In Toulon, a hotel project calls for crowdfunding

Born out of an association between two startups, Set On Invest by Olivier Derycke and Baltis Capital, the future hotel Artyster Toulon will appeal to crowdfunding in order to invest in the conversion...

20/04/2017 11h44

Form Hotels launches HotOIL, an operations management tool, to boost hotel customer experience and GOP

Tags : Innovation

Smartotels announced the launch of a new operations management tool, HotOIL, which will be integrated by its new lifestyle brand, FORM Hotels. This middleware tool is designed to enhance the customer...