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19/05/2017 11h51

The first underwater boutique hotel project opened up to investment

The US company Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has unveiled its action plans and called for strategic investment partnerships to finance its revolutionary underwater hotel project.

17/05/2017 10h21

"Tribe" brands: hotel chains that target communities

Hotel brands are increasingly offer unusual concepts, with a goal of offering their customers an original experience. In order to stand out, some of them go further and have bet on an offer addressed...

11/05/2017 14h08

Slo Living Hostels and 1 Hotels arrive in Paris

The Slo Living Hostel and 1 Hotels brands will soon arrive in Paris as part of the "Aurore" project dedicated to enhancing tourism appeal in the 13th district of the capital.

03/05/2017 09h12

Facial recognition check to be in airports soon?

The Finnish airline Finnair and the Helsinki airport are currently doing tests to implement facial recognition control of passengers at check-in. The objective: to accelerate the control process and...

27/04/2017 14h39

In Toulon, a hotel project calls for crowdfunding

Born out of an association between two startups, Set On Invest by Olivier Derycke and Baltis Capital, the future hotel Artyster Toulon will appeal to crowdfunding in order to invest in the conversion...

20/04/2017 11h44

Form Hotels launches HotOIL, an enterprise application system, to boost hotel customer experience and GOP

Tags : Innovation

Smartotels announced the launch of a new enterprise application system, HotOIL, which will be integrated by its new lifestyle brand, FORM Hotels. This middleware tool is designed to enhance the...

03/04/2017 09h41

Destination: flying to the moon with the NASA from 2019

In 2019, NASA will inaugurate its four capsules which will allow individuals to spend several days on the moon.

20/03/2017 10h37

Gaylord hotels launches a mobile application to find one's way around the hotel

Gaylord Hotels, of which Marriott International is a majority shareholder, in collaboration with MeetingPlay platform, has recently developed the first mobile application to guide visitors inside its...

09/02/2017 11h31

Form Hotels, Smartotels' new lifestyle and connected brand

The hotel group announces the launch of an upscale and technology-driven hotel brand: Form Hotel. A first unit is currently under construction in Dubai and will be operated under this brand. It...

12/01/2017 10h54

ibis budget reveals its new identity

The ibis brand positioned on the budget segment adopts a new identity for its rooms. A concept that is synonymous with conviviality and comfort based on a redesigned space.

31/08/2016 16h35

Aloft: a high-tech brand from Starwood Hotels reveals Project: Jetson

For the first time, guests at two test hotels by the brand Aloft may now talk to their room. Siri, the voice recognition system used on Apple's iPhones makes it possible..

24/05/2016 15h42

How Marriott's Canvas project launches new F&B experiments with startups

Marriott International experiments with new F&B concepts in European markets with its Canvas projects. These incubator labs dedicated to startups involved in F&B, unlock the potential of unused...

17/05/2016 09h09

Digital acceleration –finally– benefiting hoteliers in the luxury industry

With its real time luxury experience technology, has Immidia found the key to instant guest satisfaction? Its Chairman Anthony Brisacq and CEO Christophe Chauvin think so and told us more about their...

03/05/2016 16h44

Airbnb's fresh competitors: taking guests to the unexpected

The success of the famous platform and shared accommodations in general continues to be emulated, resulting in the development of particularly original niche concepts. Low-cost, dream or affinity...

20/04/2016 14h30

Tourism startups enjoy an economic environment favorable to their growth

The story began in the 1990s with the rise of new technologies and democratization of Internet access. Nowadays, what was baptized the “New Economy” corresponds to the boom of startups on...

19/04/2016 13h47

What is the future for startups?

Today innovation happens thanks to startups, even within important groups in the hotel and tourism industry. Developing a new technology, concept, service or product within a large structure takes a...

18/04/2016 10h52

Innovations “made in startupland”

Over the years, young companies with strong growth potential have developed a rich enough supply to become powerful partners for the tourism industry, and especially commercial accommodations. Today,...

11/04/2016 16h45

Start-ups gain ground in the hospitality industry

In their international growth, startups have not forgotten the hotel industry. Their offer is now so rich that they draw the attention of hotel professionals, including both independents and groups,...