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23/06/2017 09h43

Scott Deibert: "Engage suppliers to bring innovation into the business"

Scott Deibert, Senior Vice President, Procurement at The Rezidor Hotel Group, has answered Hospitality ON's questions during the 21st edition of the Global Lodging Forum. [Transcript follows]

22/06/2017 11h12

Matthew Shutt: "We are constantly looking at new business models"

Matthew Shutt, Senior Manager Global Accounts at answered our questions at the 21st Global Lodging Forum.

06/06/2017 11h06

Terence Kwok: "We want to see Handy as a market standard"

Terence Kwok, CEO & Founder of Tink Labs, unveiled its 'Handy' concept at the 21st edition of the Global Lodging Forum: discover the man behind the project for a smartphone tailored to the...

12/05/2017 08h58

Europe: do market trends forecast a major rebalancing?

At the 21st edition of the Global Lodging Forum held last April 10 and 11, Vanguelis Panayotis, President MKG Consulting, presented hotel market trends worldwide and the evolution of results in...

05/05/2017 07h00

When you want to create you must not position yourself with respect to today’s customer

Paul Dubrule, co-founder of the AccorHotels group, came to share his vision of the hospitality industry and its recommendations with the sector’s future entrepreneurs at the closing ceremony of the...

04/05/2017 13h30

Challenges and strategy for the hotel industry in Paris and Ile-de-France, by Othman Nasrou

At the Global Lodging Forum, a key event for the hospitality industry, Othman Nasrou, Vice president Île-de-France, offered an introduction. He reminded attendees of the importance of dialogue...

03/05/2017 08h18

GLF: after the terrorist attacks, in what ways can the international hotel industry react?

During the Global Lodging Forum, five hotel industry professionals have mentioned the impact of terrorist attacks on their business. From German, Belgian, French and Turkish markets hoteliers share...

02/05/2017 10h30

GLF: The Presidents' Strategic Forum

At the 17th edition of the Global Lodging Forum, five presidents and CEOs from major hotel groups shared their points of view regarding current changes on the sector and the challenges that lie...

20/04/2017 14h16

Purchasing manager, integration motor of sustainable development?

How can sustainable growth become integral to the purchasing division at hotel groups? Is it possible to reconcile profitability and responsibility? Five experts answered these questions at a round...

19/04/2017 10h33

What are today's challenges for multichannel distribution in the hotel industry

A round table covering multi-channel distribution in the hotel industry was held last April 10 during the 21st edition of the Global Lodging Forum. Five professionals offered their enlightenment...

18/04/2017 08h55

GLF 2017: emerging hospitality concepts and new business models, a major issue at stake

During the 21st edition of the Global Lodging Forum, five professionals presented new hospitality concepts. Learn more about questions raised as well as their related concerns.

14/04/2017 11h27

Why New China is changing the way global hospitality works, by Zhang Shangzhi and David Baverez

Zhang Shangzhi, from the China Lodging Group board, and David Baverez, a French business angel and editorialist settled in Hong Kong, shared their perspectives about China and its future influence on...

14/04/2017 08h24

Why are these new investors interested in hospitality?

Investment in the hotel sector was at the core of discussion at the last Global Lodging Forum. On this occasion, four professionals presented the particularities and challenges of this operation....

13/04/2017 08h24

Global Lodging Forum 2017: Can the classic franchise model continue to work in the current context?

A round table on the franchise model in the hotel sector was held during the Global Lodging Forum last April 10 at the Pullman in Paris. A look at key ideas shared by participants.

13/04/2017 08h23

Design and architecture: what are the new trends and customer expectations?

Several specialists have shared their vision of current trends and customer expectations in terms of hotel design and architecture.

12/04/2017 10h33

Revenue Management: fatal weapon or protection for rates?

Four professionals shared their opinion of the Revenue Management application within a hotel group with participants in the Global Lodging Forum. Discover a few key points that were developed during...

12/04/2017 08h57

Global Lodging Forum 2017: Deciphering hotel investment in Africa

At the Global Lodging Forum held April 10 and 11 at the Pullman in Paris, a round table was held based on the theme of hotel development on the African continent. Philippe Baretaud, Director...

12/04/2017 08h11

GLF 2017: When the offers begin to merge, what is left to differentiate accommodations products?

At the Global Lodging Forum, the go-to event for hospitality professionals, held on April 10 and 11, 2017 at the Pullman Paris Montparnasse, Vanguélis Panayotis, CEO MKG Consulting, offered an...